Quarter Street


Quarter Street

Quarter Street takes you back to the heart of classic salsa. Inspired by the passion of salsa luminaries such as Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barreto and Hector Lavoe, and emphasizing the raw sounds of New York in the 1970’s, The Quarter Street revisit an era where the music of the streets resonated with the voice of the people.

Formed in early 2011, The Quarter Street combines the fresh energy of a newly created band with the skills of well known established musicians. A dynamic live band with a driving rhythm section and all-trombone horn section, this young vibrant group of talented musicians are quickly making a splash in the Melbourne music scene.


Luis Poblete – Vocals, Congas
Cristian Saavedra – Timbale
Sergio Botero – Vocals
Leo Salvo – Vocals, Bongo
Andrew James – Piano
Cesar “Fito” Saavedra – Bass
Ben Gillespie – Trombone
Jimmy Bowman – Trombone
Lazaro Numa – Trumpet/Trombone